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My husband collapsed on the floor due to severe stomach pain. I am handicapped so I was unable to get him up off the floor. I pressed the button and Life Alert sent an ambulance. He immediately received treatment. The paramedics gave him medication for pain and nausea. He also received oxygen and even had blood drawn in the ambulance. By the time we reached the hospital, he was already seventy percent recovered.... We were back at home safe and sound in 3 hours. We got Life Alert several years ago, because I had a choking incident but this time, Life Alert saved my husband's life. Thank you, Life Alert.
S. D., Scottsboro, AL
Emergency Testimonials Submitted Daily
Everything was great!! Medics arrived promptly. The emergency staff was very courteous and helpful. So very happy that I have Life Alert. Would recommend it to anyone who lives alone – whatever age.
G.W., Brunswick, OH
I fell in my kitchen and fractured my L3 in my back and I couldn’t get up. Without Life Alert, I would still be lying on the floor. They called for help and stayed on the line until help got to me. The button paid for itself in one call. Thank God for Life Alert and its company. Life Alert saved me first time using it.
J.R., Davenport, IA
I fell in the living room and could not get up by myself. I called Life Alert (my button) and they sent two EMT’s. They came in a very short time, were very pleasant and polite. I was very pleased with them.
B.M., North Fort Myers, FL
My emergencies have been when I trip and fall. I am close to 300 lbs. I am too weak in my arms, shoulders, so I know I can’t get back up on my own. I haven’t needed to have my vitals checked – just lifted up. [Life Alert] is very professional on the phone and on arrival. My friends tell me to get something cheaper but I’m so happy having Life Alert – so why change!
M.H., Port Orange, FL
That “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” statement really is the way things go in our house. For the longest time, my husband kept falling down and I had to push the [Life Alert] button get help. And help came in less than 5 minutes. You stayed with me until they came!! Thank you Life Alert!
S.T., Barstow, CA
My husband fell outside the bathroom. I pressed the Life Alert button and was so relieved to have someone there to help. Your staff was very kind, patient and helpful. I felt so thankful to have the support during such a scary time.
M.P., Vandergrift, PA
I needed help with bad nosebleeds I couldn’t get stopped. I was scared, [Life Alert] was prompt to my alert and stayed on the phone until help arrived (2 emergencies that night). Peace of mind is worth a million.
C.C., Belvidere, NJ
My dad had a syncope attack and required a paramedic unit. The dispatcher obtained all of the necessary information – to obtain a baseline. The dispatcher stayed connected on system until help arrived. Very courteous and professional demeanor.
J.S., Summerfield, FL
My husband needed assistance because he couldn’t breathe. I contacted Life Alert for the emergency. The member that answered the phone was very helpful in telling us what to do until the paramedics arrived. It was very courteous and calming to have them stay on the phone with me until he was taken to the hospital. A very quick response, professional and informative step by step.
J.H., Porterville, CA
It was 6 in the morning, I was getting up to go to the bathroom, and I tripped and fell. Hit the back of my head and couldn’t get up. When I pressed the button the girl on the line was very helpful and nice. I wasn’t unconscious. The two guys that came were very nice and polite. I was concerned I would hurt them when they did get me up (I’m a big girl). They talked to me and eased my worries. I will definitely recommend Life Alert to my family and friends. Thank you!
S.B., Granite City, IL
Featured Testimonial
"When you have a heart attack like I did, and no one is there, Life Alert was there for me."
S.P Covina,CA