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My husband collapsed on the floor due to severe stomach pain. I am handicapped so I was unable to get him up off the floor. I pressed the button and Life Alert sent an ambulance. He immediately received treatment. The paramedics gave him medication for pain and nausea. He also received oxygen and even had blood drawn in the ambulance. By the time we reached the hospital, he was already seventy percent recovered.... We were back at home safe and sound in 3 hours. We got Life Alert several years ago, because I had a choking incident but this time, Life Alert saved my husband's life. Thank you, Life Alert.
S. D., Scottsboro, AL
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I fell due to a broken pelvis, and subsequently a broken hip. Life Alert was instrumental in both.
O.L. Miami, FL
I am 85 years old. Sometimes I would fall down and could not get up. I’ve pushed my Life Alert button, and told them. In 7 or 10 minutes, 7 men were in my house. They picked me up, put me in a chair, and checked my blood pressure, oxygen levels, and heart/pulse, and called my son and daughter-in-law. She came home and took me to the doctor.
B.H., Dublin, CA
I was feeling faint and nauseated. I was afraid to get up for fear of fainting and falling, and possibly injuring myself. Because I had the Life Alert device, I was able to get help without getting up to use the phone. Without Life Alert, I would have had to use the phone to get help. I probably would have passed out when I tried to get to the phone.
C.S., Thomasville, GA
A man fell off the roof while cleaning gutters. We called Life Alert and [EMS] was here in just a short while. They were so professional yet gentle with him. We were impressed.
J.M., The Dalles, OR
I had been anticipating a knee replacement and tripped entering my front door. I could not find a way to get myself back on my feet. I finally called with the Life Alert button. They were very timely in answering and got me on my feet. They made sure I did not need any medical assistance. I was very happy with my first Life Alert call.
K.G. Mount Vernon, IL
[Life Alert] had immediate response- they had a backup plan when they were not able to reach my daughter- they followed up several times to be sure I was okay- Very professional- very much provided peace of mind.
E.H., Chandler, AZ
I was ill and vomiting blood. I pressed my [Life Alert] around my neck and I received an immediate response. I don’t remember much after that until a fireman or medic was at my side and my house was full of emergency personal. I was quickly rushed to the emergency room.
J.S., Redlands, CA
About one week after nasal surgery, I woke up at 3:30 AM. My nose was shooting out blood and wouldn’t stop. I pushed my [Life Alert] button. The rep tried to calm me down and tell me what to expect when EMS arrived. She kept me posted throughout the process and even talked with EMS when they arrived.
E.F., Parkville, MD
My daughter who lives with me, had previously broken her right foot in an accident, had fallen down. She couldn’t get up and we couldn’t get her up. That’s when we decided to use Life Alert. They sent out an ambulance, [EMS] got her up and gave her a ride to the hospital.
B.K., Carson City, NV
My mom has fallen a few times in the past couple of years and has used her Life Alert pendant every incident. Not only do the call staff attendants help keep my mother calm until the emergency responders arrive, but they are also reassuring, patient and supportive. As a daughter, I feel so much more at ease knowing Life Alert is in my mother’s corner. I highly recommend this service- specifically Life Alert.
J.S., Columbus, IN
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"When you have a heart attack like I did, and no one is there, Life Alert was there for me."
S.P Covina,CA