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I tripped and fell in the kitchen on a leg of a chair tucked under the table. I pressed for Life Alert, explained my dilemma, and within 8 minutes, the police and medical help arrived. I had reassurance at least twice while I was on the floor.
R.H., Tonawanda, NY
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I made the mistake of getting on my hands and knees to plug in my computer and I could not get up. I had to call Life Alert (this was my first time!). I appreciate their kindness and help.
P.I., Harrisburg, PA
I slipped in the bathroom and fell, and I couldn’t get up. This is the second time I used Life Alert. They reacted quickly and were excellent. Can’t thank them enough!!!
L.H., Waterbury, CT
Life Alert lives up to all of their promises. I am very happy with the service!
C.W., Summerville, SC
Unfortunately, I have had a pension for years for falling from which I could not get up alone by myself. But fortunately, I have had Life Alert- problem solved! I have had to call so many times that some of the EMTs even remember my nickname. God bless!
M.S., Greenbrae, CA
I was severely spitting up blood. I pressed the Life Alert button, and in a matter of seconds, they answered. They immediately called an ambulance and my son. They were very helpful and took care of the situation in a courteous and professional manner. I would recommend them to anyone.
J.E., Tinley Park, IL
I was at a neighbors for dinner. After a long dinner, I stood up too fast, felt dizzy, and passed out! The neighbor called [Life Alert] by pressing the button on my GPS alert device. All was coordinated beautifully and I ended up in the hospital for three days. Thank you, Life Alert!
G.L., Sun City, AZ
Mom was having chest pains. I hit the call button on the [Life Alert] machine and we had help within 10 minutes. The lady I spoke to was nice, loud, respectful and thorough when getting all the information. Thank you for saving my mother!!
B.J., Fernley, NV
I had a flu shot and the next day, I was out of it and couldn’t get out of my chair. Life Alert people came and lifted me out. The next day, I couldn’t keep my balance and fell, but couldn’t get up and the Life Alert girls helped me get up and were very kind and helpful.
J.T., Carrollton, MO
Mother was experiencing symptoms of a stroke. Life Alert dispatched assistance/ambulance and record time. Mom was safely transported to the hospital where medical staff explained she was having a stroke. Thanks Life Alert, you are the best!!
J.W., Hampton, VA
Thank God and my Life Alert! I had fallen in my kitchen flat on my stomach. I was alone and had just filled up a 2-gallon jug of water for my plants on my porch and tripped over them. I couldn’t get up. If it wasn’t for my Life Alert button, I wouldn’t have been so lucky. I had dislocated my shoulder and had a bump on my head, and I am still having therapy.
D.N., Mattydale, NY
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"When you have a heart attack like I did, and no one is there, Life Alert was there for me."
S.P Covina,CA